Almond Cookies

Cookies are the all time favorite snack to munch on….These Almond Cookies are not only good to taste but rich with the goodness of Almonds. Almonds are packed with useful nutrients, which make these cookies healthy. Whole wheat flour also adds up the nutritional value. Whether it’s a tea time or snack time for kids enjoy it!!! Continue reading “Almond Cookies”

Garlic Basil Bread

I just love the aroma of Garlic and Basil !!! I often combined them together in some recipes to make it more flavorful. The dishes like pasta, macaroni and bread are my all time favorite one. Garlic bread is a common menu on breakfast. The toasted bread with garlic butter is so yum!!!  I tried to bake Garlic Basil Bread and it is just Heavenly. The taste of Garlic and the aroma of Basil are irresistible. Continue reading “Garlic Basil Bread”