Bharva Parval

Parval, called as pointed gourd is a vegetable full of nutrition. It is low in calories and high in vitamins. Parval itself doesn’t have a strong taste, maybe because of which not liked very much. It is prepared mainly by stuffing i.e. called “Bharva Parval”. In this recipe I’m using peanut base stuffing. Continue reading “Bharva Parval”

Tori/Turai ka Bharta

Tori/ Turai Ka Bharta is a unique Maharastrian traditional recipe.  Commonly Baigan Ka Bharta or Aloo Baigan Bharta are common dish. Tori/ Turai Ka Bharta is made specially towards Khandesh area in Maharashtra. (Available fresh during the rainy season). Tori with its mild distinct taste combined with green chilli, garlic and peanut gives a perfect taste to the dish. Tori also called as sponge gourd is a very healthy vegetable. It is low in fat and easy to digest. Fresh tori has a mild sweetness. Continue reading “Tori/Turai ka Bharta”