Face Mask for Glowing Skin


Every woman wishes to be the most Beautiful woman on the Earth. God have blessed everyone with Beauty, but it’s in our hands to preserve it.

How to get Clear and Glowing Skin


Face mask

These face mask are easy to make at home, with less effort and minimum requirement. For best result use this mask before going to bed. It will help to recover the skin overnight and will also nourish the skin. After applying the mask lie down and relax till the mask is dry or for the specified time. This will have an excellent skin tightening effect, avoid skin sagging and will also maintain skin elasticity.  So here we Go…



Almond mask

Almond is rich in Vitamin E and is an excellent antioxidant.

ingredients: Almonds

Method: Soak some almonds for 7- 8 hours. Remove its skin and make a paste with milk or water. Apply it evenly over face and neck. Let it dry. Wash your face with water. Look at the shine on your face.



Egg mask

When it comes to egg, yolk is best used for hair and white for skin. This is simplest yet another best mask.

Ingredients: Egg white

Method: Beat the egg white in a bowl. Apply it evenly over face and neck. Let it dry. You we observe, as the mask starts drying, the skin is tighten. So it is also used as skin tightening mask. It tightens the pores leaving your skin more even toned. You can even add lemon or honey to it, but egg white itself is sufficient to do wonders. Wash your face with water when completely dry.



Lemon and Honey Mask

Lemon is called skin brightener and honey an excellent moisturizer. This combination is simply magic for dry skin.

Ingredients: Lemon juice and Honey

Method: Just mix equal quantities of lemon juice and honey in a bowl. Apply evenly on face and neck. Wash your face after 15 mins with luke warm water. You will not resist touching your skin again and again.



Aloe vera and cucumber Mask

Excellent for dry skin and on sun burn.

Ingredients: Aloe vera gel and cucumber juice.

Method: Take aloe vera gel and cucumber in 2:1 ratio in a bowl. Mix it properly. Apply the mask evenly on face and neck. Let it dry. Wash with water.




Papaya Mask

An excellent cleanser and skin brightener. It also lightens the acne mark.

Ingredients: Pulp of raw papaya

Method: Take out pulp of raw papaya. Blend it to paste. Apply it over face and neck. It is somewhat messy, but result is visibly great. Let it dry. Wash with water.



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