Homemade whole wheat/Atta Bread

Today I baked a whole wheat bread loaf and it came out so perfect. I always thought baking bread is the hardest thing than cakes or cookies. But it is as difficult or simple as cakes and cookies. Trying it one or two times will correct the mistakes and anyone can bake at home, just use the correct measurements and steps. This was my second attempt. I made a small loaf for trial to learn and minimal wastage. When I baked the bread for first time all went perfect……I went wrong in the last step, which I will mention in the method section. The thing I learned was that any type of cooking needs patience and mindfulness. Continue reading “Homemade whole wheat/Atta Bread”

Stir fry Drumstick

Stir fry Drumstick is a recipe for side dish. Drumstick, usually used in making sambhar, is a vegetable with a strong and distinct taste. Sambhar is just incomplete without drumstick because it adds a unique flavor to it. Stir fry drumstick is full of flavor in spite of the presence of other condiments its own taste is dominant. Continue reading “Stir fry Drumstick”

Namkeen Biscuits/ Crackers

I like baking cakes, cookies, biscuits bakery stuff at home. I often try some baking recipes which are easy to make with less time and ingredients that are always available at home, so that I can bake whenever I wish to…. This Namkeen Biscuits/Crackers is a crisp snack to eat with tea. It is salty biscuits/crackers, with flavor of jeera/cumin.   Continue reading “Namkeen Biscuits/ Crackers”

Red Gravy for Curry

Red Gravy for curry is a different recipe from my previous post, Gravy for curry. This gravy is best for any vegetable. The whole condiments add up the taste of real spice. The whole red chilli gives a natural red color to the gravy and so the name of the recipe. A perfect gravy for non-veg lovers. Continue reading “Red Gravy for Curry”